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Ambalaj Dolgu Malzemesi

Ambalaj Dolgu Malzemesi

700.00 TL 650.00 TL

Kilitli Poşet 40x30cm  (125 Adet)

Kilitli Poşet 40x30cm (125 Adet)

140.00 TL 120.00 TL

Production of Corrugated Cardboards is a layered structure obtained by combining two cardboards. While one of these cardboards is flat, the cardboard to be applied on is curved. Corrugated cardboards are designed to protect your floor and your belongings from all damages while repairing and painting. You can protect your belongings in your home and workplace with peace of mind. Dust concrete parts, paint streams, etc., which are formed during renovations in your home or workplace. You can choose corrugated to protect your belongings from harmful substances. Corrugated can be used to protect your packages that may be damaged during transportation with its useful and eye-pleasing structure compared to other protection materials. You can also deliver your important gifts safely with the corrugation.